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We have an excellent reputation for creating tailor-made risk solutions and paying all valid claims timeously. Our solutions not only provide financial peace of mind, but can remove the potential for any financial difficulties arising from severe injury, illness or loss of life.

Group Risk Solutions

Our Group Risk solutions are offered to organisations comprising of 10 members or more. Cover is offered under one master policy for all members, reducing operational expenses and allowing your organisation to enjoy benefits at a competitive premium relative to individual policies. Additionally, an automatic acceptance cover with limited benefits established around employee demographics means participants may benefit from cover without any medical checks.

Benefits Organisations can enjoy with our group risk product solution

  • Risk management expertise  - We cover the organisation from excessive or unintended risk by providing specialised benefit design, policy wording and operational processes.

  • Specialist insurance expertise  - We provide tailor made solutions that meet our client’s needs. We have specialist insurance expertise, such as actuarial resources, which will monitor the risk and claims trends of the benefits and help to manage future uncertainty.

  • Claims management  - We strive to give organisations exceptional service by making your claims process seamless and efficient. We can help organisations avoid paying fraudulent claims, or claims which the benefit was never intended to pay. Our claims management helps to keep costs down whilst still ensuring that all valid claims are paid timeously.

  • Administration expertise  - We know that administration can be daunting, that is why we offer to administer the full insurance process in the most cost effective manner with the highest level of data integrity. This ensures that, amongst other things, benefits are paid to the right beneficiary and costs are managed.

  • Administration costs  - We have simple, efficient and timeous processes that work to your advantage allowing us to administer your portfolio at competitive rates.

Product Description
Group Life Assurance
Group Life Assurance
Group Life Assurance (GLA) provides life cover payable as a lump sum on the passing away of the member before retirement. GLA provides the member with the peace of mind that their family will be taken care of if they are no longer there to support them.
Permanent & Total Disability
Permanent & Total Disability
Permanent and Total Disability benefit pays a lump sum in the event of a permanent disability of the member before retirement. The purpose of this benefit is to protect the member against the loss of earning potential, if he or she becomes disabled and is unable to work. The Permanent and Total Disability benefit must be taken together with the Group Life Assurance benefit.
Permanent Health Insurance
Permanent Health Insurance
The Permanent Health Insurance benefit provides the member with a monthly income, in the event of them becoming disabled and unable to work. The benefit is payable until the member is able to go back to work or unable to work till retirement.
Temporary & Total Disability
Temporary & Total Disability
The Temporary and Total Disability benefit is a monthly benefit that is payable for a limited period. The purpose of this benefit is to protect the member against the loss of earnings or earning potential, if he or she becomes disabled and is unable to work for a limited period.
Critical Illness
Critical Illness
Event - Defined critical illness such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG), Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, End Stage Renal Failure.
Critical Illness benefits provide cover for the costs associated with living with a life-altering illness by providing a lump sum payment on the first diagnosis of any one of the stated critical illnesses. The Critical Illness benefit must be taken together with the Group Life Assurance benefit.
Group Funeral
Group Funeral
The Funeral benefit pays out a lump sum in the event the employee, spouse, children or extended family member (if applicable) pass away before the retirement of the employee.

The following benefits are optional to Group Funeral:

Family Support
Family Support
The Family Support benefit provides a lump sum on the passing away of the member. This helps the family deal with urgent costs associated with funeral expenses as well as assisting with the living expenses such as groceries following the loss of the breadwinner in the family.
The Tombstone benefit pays a lump sum should the employee pass away, to aid in providing a tombstone and for the cost of the unveiling ceremony.

Individual Products

We offer a range of products and solutions to meet the life changing risk events. Our solutions offer cover for unforeseen events such as loss of life, critical illness and disability. You will have peace of mind knowing that you have the best insurance plan for unplanned events.

Product Description
Funeral Cover
Funeral Plan

Provides a lump sum to cover the cost of a funeral. There is an option to cover the policyholder, one spouse and a maximum of six children with a choice to add parents and parents in law as well as extended family members.
Personal Accident
Accidental Disability Plan

Event - Accidental Loss of Life or Impairment
Provides a lump sum payment on the accidental loss of life or accidental impairment of the policyholder.
Simple Life
Simple Life Plan

Comprehensive cover providing a lump sum benefit on the occurrence of the policyholder passing away. There are additional benefits to choose from in the unfortunate event that the policyholder is unable to earn an income due to a Critical Illness, Physical Impairment and Permanent Disability.
Critical Illness Plan
Critical Illness Plan

Provides cover for the costs associated with living with a defined critical illness (such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Croronary Artery Bypass Graft(CABG), Stroke, Major Organ Transplant or End Stage Renal Failure) by providing a lump sum payment on the first diagnosis of anyone of the stated critical illness.
Education Protector
Education Protector

Provides a lump sum on the occurrence of these risk events to help provide for your child’s education even after you're gone.
Business Owner Life Insurance
Business Owner Life Insurance

Provides cover against unexpected events such as death, physical impairment and critical illness for the business owner, business partner and spouses.

Liberty Health Cover

Health Cover
Health Cover

We know how to provide comprehensive health cover at affordable rates. Liberty Health Cover offers a standardised Pan-African product suite that has been tailored to the conditions of each specific country. We offer options that cater for healthcare needs across a number of different income brackets whilst ensuring the most comprehensive cover.

Who is covered

  • Corporates
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Individuals

Our health cover includes

  • In-patient / Major Medical Benefits
    • Hospital Benefits
    • Major Disease Benefits
  • Out-patient / Day-to-day Benefits
    • Chronic Benefits
    • Medical care during pregnancy and after birth
    • Dentistry and Optometry Benefits
    • Acute Conditions Benefits
  • International emergency evacuation

We have a range of options to suit your needs

  • Comprehensive cover, without shortfalls, for treatment of all life-threatening medical conditions.
  • East Africa regional cover (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan).
  • Generous benefits with high overall limits.
  • Chronic medicine benefits including HIV.
  • Cover is not limited to employees but may be extended to employees’ immediate family too.
  • Transparent underwriting rules.
  • International emergency evacuation.

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